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Medical Scribing

Diploma program in Medical Scribing (DPMS)

Diploma program in Medical Scribing (DPMS)

Diploma Program in Medical Scribing (DPMS) is an industry integrated job-oriented skill training program developed and provided by ScribeAccred Certifications India Pvt Ltd. registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, vides CIN - U85499KA2023PTC177584.

The chances to become a Medical Scribe are unlike any other opportunities available today. Those who aspire to be a part of modern medicine can work as Medical Scribe as the industry offers unprecedented job vacancies in various fields.

Medical scribing academy

DPMS Certification Level 1

DPMS CL-1 is designed to develop the knowledge of candidates coupled with training facilities where each candidate is provided classes to acquire skills required for getting employed in various fields of Medical Scribing.

Prerequisites for CL-1

1 It is a tentative duration of 714 hours
2 Trainees must have attended 86% of classes, all Periodic Assessment Tests and a Model Certification Test.
3 In order to appear for PAT, trainees are required to provide syllabus acceptance, faculty review, and institute review to SCI.
4 Students shall be provided scanned copies of the answer sheets of the subject ENGLISH GRAMMAR AND AMERICANISM to let them identify the areas they need to improve.

Certification Test

1 It is the final test of CL-1
2 Students are allowed to appear for a maximum of 5 C-Tests
3 If a student fails to achieve the required score to move to CL-2, he/she should attempt all the subjects again.

DPMS Certification Level 2

Lateral Entry Certificate Test

It is a test conducted for students who expect lateral entry to CL-2.

Once students pass CL-1 C-TEST/LECT with scores equivalent to or above scores mentioned in Table 1 must clear the following procedures within 30 working days to be eligible to attend the CL-2 Training.

Training for CL-2

1 It will at a facility in bangaluru.
2 It is tuition fee free period for 3 months.
3 Students are paid a stipend of up to INR 15000/-
4 Students are trained in an array of subjects in Medical Scribing. However, thess subjects would be regularly updated as per industry requirements.

We are a cluster of prominent academic institutes which provide state of the art certification programs in Medical scribing and related fields.

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